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1500 yen Gashapon !!!!! My first PREMIUM GASHAPON ever ..

let’s see what it could offer

2 Types color and clear , in boxed version apparently the clear is a rarer variant 3 to 1, pretty sure the capsule one maybe have the same rate ?

Anyway Bandai already admit it’s mistake and the next wave of release will be named as ‘CAPSULE ACTION’ I believe it will be ZAKU II

I prefer they stick with Cupsule since it’s funnier that way 8D

Replacement hands are nice touch, it’s decently pre-painted as well, I would say better than G-Frame

Worth a mention you can’t simply pop the ball joints out, the proper way to replace the hand is disassemble the armor

Articulations are good

Back Details

With rifle and shield.

Beams saber Included in the clear variant of this figure

maybe get rid of the beam rifle’s finger guard will make him looks better holding it.

Shoulder articulation also great,You can replicate last shooting pose if you feel it’s important gimmick

there is also this optional clear part to attach a display stand

I tried using sodo stand and gunpla action base they are super loooseeely attached lol, have to dig somewhere for tamashii stage but as I remember their peg have same size.

so at least there is attachment for display stand if you need it.

Definitely awkward holding the gun with that finger guard there

Size comparison behind him is the G35th HG, Mk II is G frame and pretty sure, you know the rest

If you need Doll Props this one is around this size lol

for 1500 yen you will probably prefer buying a HG Gunpla instead, unless you love collecting Granpa RX-78 that’s it =)

Don’t get me wrong the figure is decent, just pricey for it’s size, quality wise I would say better than G-frame, but as you can see it’s smaller…. and since it’s plastic and not deformed I wont compare with senshi or ensemble


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  1. woah dayum, looks so dynamic!!! might wanna find that clear version instead, hahah, the mechanical looks cool as heck!!!
    ps: prefer to call em by their real name from now on, Cupsule Action!!!

    • yeah the clear looks interesting with the mechanical looks, but expectation is they will yellowing fast …
      ahaha the hastag used around also cupsuleaction, but bandai decide to erratum the name in future releases

      • hahahahahahw, yeee, yellowing is the major enemy for a transparent figure collector like me.. why they have to be yellowing in the first place tho, hahahahahahaw!
        that typo is just too cute man, lolol

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