Hi Aya here!, Welcome to A’s Toy Box,  blog of My toys journey 😀

I am from Indonesia,  a fan of Anime, Manga,and Tokusatsu, I Also casually collecting toys,figures and anything else which make me Happy XD


A’s Toy Box will focusing on amateur review on random toys/figures which I recently bought, which sometimes also become a new experience for me 😀


Thank you for your Visit!

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  1. nice blog, care to do link exchange?

    • Thank you for visiting.
      Sure, by the way are you redmage/bluemage from kaskus ?

  2. yes, and you are?

    • We met at SIC thread right ?? (My id is CrimsonSmash)

  3. ooowhhhhhhhhhhh i just realized it :p

    nice too meet you smash lol

    • hahaha sure world is small 😛

  4. hiya Aya, I’m nuo2x2 from Kaskus/Kafegaul
    Have we met before in one of those Indonesian forums before?

    anyway, nice blog!! simple yet hearth warming and thus very interesting indeed!!

    I’m trying to round-up Indonesian toy blogger, especially my friends from those two forum…
    mind if I do link exchange with ya?
    waiting for your permission 🙂

    • well i didn’t remember meet you before but which thread do you regular there ??
      Ok will add you 😀

      • If I’m not mistaken, there was a mini gathering for Kaskuser (especially Gunpla sub forum) in the last year end Toyfair in STC Senayan, there I met Redmage and couple of his friends… did you join that gathering?

      • Unfortunately I am not live in jakarta,You Might found me at SIC ,revoltech,Nendoroid,or Figma,as for model kit sub forum you can find me at SD gundam.

  5. Hi Aya,

    Nice and interesting blog! If you don’t mind, I would like to do an exchange links with you. I’ve already added a link to your blog in my blogroll.

    Many thanks 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting and of course I won’t mind for link exchange 😀

  6. Adding you to my blogroll too.

    • Thank you,add you in return :D.

      by the way Very Cute Acguy you build 😀

  7. hi,lets exchange blog link^^

    • Thank you for visiting 🙂 .

      Sure 😀

  8. Hey, I’ve been looking around for every hobby blog I can find. Would you care to do a link exchange?

    • Thank you for visiting 😀

      Sure I will add you 😀

  9. Woops and my site is at cjinsblog.blogspot.com

  10. added u to my bloggroll 😀

    • Thank you 😀 , will add you too

  11. Nice blog, thought you’re Canadian.

    • Thank you for visiting, I think I have seen you somewhere ^^ a regular Z’s gunpla-inochi or Chubby’s The Toy Room commentators maybe ?

      • I am a regular at both, usually looking for updates at a daily basis. I rarely commented on Z’s blog but I like to comment on Chubbs (kinda like sharing opinions, etc). I’m also a regular at BD77, again looking for updates at a daily basis, I might think of starting my own blog regarding local, non-Japanese toys but time never allowed me to do so.

        • I see,I have seen your comments few times from those two blog :D, looking forward for yours then I love reading any kind of blog but mostly just leaving comments on Toys&figures stuff ^^ and thank you for visiting

  12. please visit my new blog!

  13. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I added you to my blog roll! 😀

    • Thank you very much I will add you too 😀 and thank you for your visit too 😉

  14. Hello, found your blog while searching for good figure pics. Care to share links? 😛

    • Thank you for visiting, sure I add you right away 😀

      • Added as well. 🙂

  15. ay blogroll ke gue dong dong dong dorong dong dong

    • Iya beres.

  16. Hi, I googled ‘Popy from Oscar’s Oasis’ and a picture of a Popy figurine with your website came up. Do you know where I could get one or do you have any that you would sell?

    • Poppy the fennec fox,I believe the KFC kid’s meal toys from my alternate blog, I don’t think can help you with that ^^ ,it seems that my nephew took mine.
      I did saw them on ebay last year sold in set, but it’s been a while(almost 2 years) since it have been released.Your best bet is if you find some happy meal/kid’s meal collector that willing to sell it, they used to be a lot collector community in forums but I rarely seen an active one these days.

  17. ~~~Merry Christmas man :D~~~

    • Thank You, Merry Christmas Ruby XD

  18. I got your reply at “LEGO Darth Vader Pod”. This is the first time I talk with someone from Asia. Glad to see that Indonesia is becoming less islamic-fundamentalist, with people like you :D. I know some indie video games made over there. I like to think the countries in South-East Asia (and also China) are sandwitched between western and japanese entertainment.

    I’m from eastern Europe, just for the record. I might leave comments here and there on your website. I’m very interested to see what someone from your part of the globe thinks in terms of modern entertainment, so to speak. But also in you as an individual (I am not objectifying you!!! haha).

    • Thank You for your Visit.
      I do Always wonder what regular people around the worlds see about my country and it’s people,and as I experienced most people abroad only knew bad things, Since they only seen what their news media shown(which usually when bad thing happened, otherwise they won’t publish the news),also our past didn’t help at all, By law we are not fundamentalist, I am not sure what kind of news you heard of course,but yes i would say some politicians or groups in every Era and/or regions,might have their own agenda,happen in any other countries just different scenario and cases, which usually won’t be a news overseas until something happen,You can’t escape prejudice after all.
      That’s true we are sandwiched with western and Asian entertainment(depending the form of entertainment,south korean,hong kong,Chinese,india also flood the market, from music,tv shows,movies,etc. a note few years ago mexican and turkey soap opera also popular in TVs), I don’t exactly follow any of them so can’t explain in details.
      Everyone taste of entertainment is different can’t always judge by place they live,especially among geeks the modern social media and the spread of Internets these days really help newer generation to finds their own favorites, Personally I mostly influenced from Japanese shows aired during my childhood which are tokusatsu and anime.

      • On the mainstream media in my county, we get almost 0 news about South-East Asia and about India. As for the alternative english media I personally watch, not much about these regions either. All I know is that Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and to a lesser extent, the Philipines, have pretty authoritarian regimes with little free speech or economic freedom, and probably also a lot of corruption in politics / the police. And to make matters worse, the Chinise communist state is also penetrating their tail in these places as of recently (in the last decade). And also, in Malaysia and Indonesia a number of islamic theocratic political groups/parties, and also terrorist groups exist. But not as bad as Irak, Syria, Iran or Afganistan, not even close. Buuut enough about politics here, we are here for fun. We could talk about other things in private, if you will ever want in the future.

        You get turkish soap-opera dramas too? I find that surprising. I thought the turks only manadged to export them in Eastern Europe. Over here, a lot of normie women (especially in the poorer classes) watch those on tv, since TV is cheap here. I watched a few episodes for research and it’s what I expected, so I won’t watch ever again lol. But the visual directing is pretty good, to be honest. They are better then latino and indian shows haha.

        Yeah, the internet has made the world smaller. I don’t know if that’s good, bad, neutral, or a mix. Change is inevitable in every coutry, but I hope we do all keep our individual and national dignities, in all our contries. That’s why I love anime and manga (plus video games like VNs and RPG maker type games)…you can tell they have the spirit of Japan, mixed with some western ideas and philosophys (especially american).

        Anyway, anime and other japanese stuff is VERY VERY rare here, most people, including young people, never even heard of it. That’s why I will visit these type of sites, like yours. For info and also for conversations.

  19. So, you liked this one.
    I see you are a man of good taste (or woman lol…please don’t tell me, I like secrets and mysteries haha).
    I’d like to recommend some less known stuff. If you never heard of them, then you might like them. In my opinion they are some of the best stuff I consumed from the last decade. And if you check them out, don’t tell me what you think, just enjoy them, maybe spread them around too.

    1) Fran Bow / Little Misfortune. These are two indie games made by a tiny team from Sweden (called Killmonday Games). They are psychological-horror. The first one is 100% serious, and the second is more comedic. You can find them on Steam, pie-rat them, or watch these playthroughs (I watched these ones, there are others on YT…and about the one from Manlybadasshero, the one with both games, I only watched Little Misfortune, I watched Fran Bow on the other playlist)

    2) The Letter (2017). It’s a Visual Novel made by an indie team from the Filipines. It is classical asian horror with a powerful ghost…or is it all in someone’s mind? I won’t tell you, you must see for yourself lol. It has superb voice acting too, except the monologues. The only thing I didn’t like is some minor left-wing politics a few times, but it’s a tiny criticism, the game is great. It’s also on Steam, or watch here…it’s very long

    3) And something from the early 2000s. I loved this one back then. It’s an episodic show with sureal-absurdist visuals, themes and comedy. And it’s sinister, but just a little lol. It must still be on torrents

    • never a mysteries,I am a man, thought many think i am a girl… mainly because nickname I use..
      I am not into that kind of games, but looks interesting to watch will check them out, seeing the letter seems many use webtoon kind of art style these days
      well I watched courage the cowardly dog back then but not entirely complete, mostly likely only first 2 seasons, Nickelodeons cartoon and some extend cartoon networks are more commons aired (before a certain sponge took over the ratings).

      • Spongebob went downhill for a good number of years. But since 2017 it got good again, because Hillenburg returned to the production team.
        I’d say The Letter uses a mix of anime and western cartoon style for the characters…but they each have like 7 different portraits that all look different.
        Fran Bow was made by only 2 people in 3 years.

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