MMS Type Vic Viper-Lirbiete

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very interesting  Konami use one it’s best selling classic video game franchise into busou shinki action figure.

so let’s see what this 3 in 1 spacecraft can do

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MMS-Otoha Sakurano

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mms(multi movable system) otoha sakurano

From Sky Girls, an anime about in future era, some Girls using exoskeletons armors called Sonic Diver to fighthing WORMs(some sort of nanomachines that combining into one then turn into monsters), an OVA was made by Konami before turn into 26 anime episodes a year later, personally I never watch the OVA version and also not managed to finished the series,something interesting is Gradius’ Vic Viper also made appearance in the anime series not just cameo it also fight regularly.

as I remember Otoha is an usual anime’s dojo girl(sword master) with cheerful and rather foolish personality that sure fun to watch, her voice actress is Ayako Kawasumi (mostly know her for Saber from fate series) her sonic driver is named Reijin and her military rank is master sergeant

always want their figurines back then, but only now manage to get although only one

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EX Weapon MMS Type Butterfly Schmetterling

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so MMS type butterfly, Schmetterling (totally don’t know how to pronounce this name 8-O)

I prefer call her MMS Type Puella Magi since she looks like Madoka a lot, have magical girl impression and a “pet familiar” but being released in 2007 this set older than than Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika anime

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MMS Type Nine-Tails Renge

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MMS Type Nine Tails – RENGE

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