Revoltech Saber Alter

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Revoltech Saber1

Revoltech Saber Alter

Maybe people will think silly, I bought this Revoltech as this can be called obsolete, but 4.5 years ago this was my most wanted figure.  New and newer stuff keep coming and you will forget the old one, Need 4.5 years for me before I finally looking for her again.

Revoltech was the first Japanese toys I own other than model kit and gashapon, my first was Miniature Revoltech Eva-01& miniature Eva-00 then followed by couple fraulein revoltech, I always want this one but I only can find the blue armored saber one,  I think that one don’t sell very well.

Max Factory do have Figma  that was released on 2010 for this Alter version that probably have better sculpt and paint, and I might buy that one too ^^ but hey even this Revoltech  not as famous as Danbo or have pervert face like woody this have more nostalgic value for me

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