-Minifigures series 4 (Kimono Girl and Crazy Scientist)

-Minifigures series 5 (Small Clown and Boxer)

-Minifigures series 6 (Minotaur and Highland Battler)

-8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack

-7953 Kingdoms Jester

-2855046 Black Falcon (Bricktober)

-7915 Imperial V-Wing Star Fighter

-4192 Pirates of The Caribbean Fountain Of Youth

-5002943  LEGO Winter Soldier

-30447 Captain America’s Motorcycle

-40190: Ferrari F138

-30305 Spiderman Super Jumper

Happy Meal /Kids Meal Toys

-Happy Meal Pokemon Black and White 2012

-Happy Meal Minions

-Happy Meal : The Angry Birds Movie

-Happy Meal : Despicable Me 3

B-Daman : 

Super B-Daman

Super B-Daman JBA Proto 01 & P-58 Magazine

Battle B-Daman

-Battle B-Daman Zero 2 Body + PET bottle Magazine

Cross Fight B-Daman/Crossfire

-B-Daman Acelle=Dracyan

-B-Daman Force=Dragren

Beyblade :

Beyblade Galaxy Pegasis DX

Crush Gear :

-Crush Gear Fang Dasher

-Crush Gear King Schwarz Neo

-Crush Gear Storm Rider

Car/Diecast/Choro Q

Mattel Lightning McQueen

-Hybrid R/C Choro Q Nissan Fairlady Z

Choro Q Toyota Trueno AE86

Tamiya Mini4WD

-Mini4WDx Nendoroid Petiti Misaka Mikoto Thundershot

-Avante 2001 jr.

Toy Blaster/NERF/BOOMco

-BOOMco Railstinger (Mattel)

-NERF Rebelle Mini Mischief

Candy Toy/Gashapon

-GASHAPON MACHINE (1/2 Capsule Station)

-Capsule Plarail

-THE銃 Part 25


-Halo Minifigures series 1

Halo Reach Noble Six (McFarlane)

Halo Reach Emile (McFarlane)

Movie Figures and Superhero

-Iron Man Mark V (Hasbro)

-Cosbaby Jack Sparrow (Casual Wear ver.)

Ultra Poseable Spiderman (Hasbro)

NECA T-800 (Steel Mill)




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