Queen’s Gate Alice Designer’s Color ver.(NSFW)

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Queen’s Gate Alice Designer’s Color by AlphaxOmega

got this from mandarake for 6k yen ^^ The original Alice was the first Scaled figure, I ever want which I saw inside a store shelf 6 or 7 years ago.

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1/8 Naoe Kanetsugu Swimsuit Ver. by Alter

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Naoe 1

I haven’t watch Hyakka Ryouran or follow any of it’s story light novel or mangas, but they do have many good looking character maybe comparable with queen’s blade but using Japanese historical warrior ^^

somehow this Naoe kanetsugu looks so attractive to me, maybe because the long twintails and the tongue ^^

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1/6 Saber Alter Maid Ver. By Alter

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Never a fan or worshiper of saber but it’s dark/Alter version always took my interest, but collecting PVC statue not always about the character, most of the times, I buy them because they gorgeous and sometimes didn’t even know the character and origins.

Maybe I am victim of Type Moon 10th anniversary ahahaha, regardless this my very first Saber merchandise! Continue Reading 1/6 Saber Alter Maid Ver. By Alter…

1/8 Kazari Uiharu by Alter

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a bit late getting this but yeah I finally got her 😀 I ordered around Christmas,arrive early this year 5th I believe ordered from HLJ for 20% off it’s 28% off (edited : just change into 10% ) right now if you interested not really sure where to find Saten thought.

by the way I moving to a new place to live this weekend so expect less update this month as I won’t get a proper room till April, hope would be a better place for me,but of course no place better than home ^^

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1/8 Ruiko Saten By Alter

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* Comment fixed +_+; sorry about that i Unchecked the “allow comment”  when publish this

First I want to apologize about previous post for the misunderstanding , but I am glad one of you understand what exactly in my mind and thank you for the support  😀  life goes on

Alter’s Saten Ruiko

well I don’t think I should explain about her a lot since I only watch the 1st season of Toaru kagaku no railgun you probaly know better about her +_+ but for some reason she is my favorite in the series 😀 , scenes that I can clearly remember was when she flip Kazari’s skirt

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1/8 Shizuka 2P Color by ALPHAXOMEGA

April 10, 2011 at 6:05 am | Posted in PVC Statue/Scaled Figures | 26 Comments
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I don’t post the NSFW pictures directly,I think can put this as SFW post.


so what I should explain about this demon Ninja ? 😀

Not really into Queen’s Blade but I want some of it’s figurines especially my favorite characters

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