Trading Card Game


Theme Deck

-Theme Deck Relentless Flame


-Pokemon TCG Unbroken Bonds Build and Battle Kit (Pre Release)

Pokemon TCG Hantaman Pertama/First Impact

Yu-Gi Oh! (Structure and Starter Decks)

Starter Decks

-Yu-Gi Oh! Super Starter : V for Victory

-Yu-Gi Oh! Super Starter : Space Time Showdown

-Yu-Gi Oh! Starter Deck : Link Strike

-Yu-Gi Oh! Starter Deck : Codebreaker

Structure Decks

-Yu-Gi Oh! Structure Deck : Onslaught of The Fire Kings

-Yu-Gi Oh! Structure Deck : Saga of Blue-eyes White Dragon

-Yu-Gi Oh! Structure Deck : Cyber Dragon Revolution

-Yu-Gi Oh! Structure Deck : Realm Of Light

-Yu-Gi Oh! Structure Deck : HERO Strike

-Yu-Gi Oh! Structure Deck : Master Of Pendulum

-Yu-Gi Oh! Structure Deck : Emperor of Darkness

-Yu-Gi Oh! Structure Deck : Cyberse Link

-Yu-Gi Oh! Structure Deck : Zombie Horde

Boosters/Packs Opening

-Weiss Schwarz kancolle 2nd Fleet Boosters

Yu-Gi Oh!

-Yu-Gi Oh! Wing Raiders Boosters (12 Boosters packs)

-Yu-Gi Oh! Mega Tins 2017 : Seto Kaiba Mega Tin

-Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Duelist Booster Box

-Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Duelist White Dragon Abyss (5 Boosters Packs)

-Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Neostorm Booster Box

Other Cards/Collection

-Collection (2013)


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