S.I.C Hero Saga Kamen Rider Blade : Day After Tomorrow

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Epilogue for Kamen Rider Blade (somewhat weird but it’s fanservice after all)

S.I.C Hero Saga Blade : Day After Tomorrow


Everyone (except, of course,Kazuma Kenzaki) is throwing a high school graduation party for Mutsuki and Nozomi at Jacaranda. It was supposed to be to celebrate them getting into university but Mutsuki didn’t and is all emo.

All of a sudden Blade bursts in and attacks Hajime.

Everyone is confused but then Garren shows up in the window and starts shooting him. He explains that he and Karasuma were conducting research on how to turn Kenzaki and Hajime human and unsealed the Chameleon Undead, an Undead with similar powers to the Joker allowing it to copy the form and ability of anything it sees, to do so. But of course it escaped and it’s after Hajime due to the usual Battle Fight stuff.

He hands over Hajime and Mutsuki’s cards and the Leangle Rouzer and they fight the fake Blade, but it uses Jack Form. Mutsuki is useless because he can’t fly (Garren uses Jack Form and Wild Chalice jumps REALLY HIGH).

*chalice also own Float card.

Tachibana warns that the Chameleon Undead has all of Karasuma’s data, including that on King Form. And then of course it uses King Form.

They all get owned, and Hajime, forced to use his Joker form, gets a pretty bad wound on the chest.

Blade King goes after Mutsuki next but before the final blow, a Joker steps in and shields him. He at first thinks it’s Hajime… but there’s no slash mark. And there’s another Joker over in the corner bleeding green all over from a wound on the chest.

Tachibana tosses the new Joker the Blade Rouzer, Rouze Absorber and spade cards.


(my favorite hero saga picture 🙂 )

Mutsuki passes out.

When he comes to the Chameleon Undead has been defeated, and the Blade Rouzer ,Rouse Absorber and spade cards were left neatly on the floor.

Nozomi arrives late for the party, and tells Mutsuki that a letter arrived saying that he did manage to get into university after all.

The end(even the epilogue still like this ToT)

credit for SIC hero saga story @ kafegaul forum ,ModXToy(Via FCTI)For Pictures Scans and of course it’s original source.

I was hoping for Garren King form or Leangle jack to appear in the Side story but they only appear  in Hero saga Diorama and Tamashii Nation 2008.

Hero Saga Special Edition : King (scan from http://www.toy-world.com.hk )

Tamashii Nation 2008 coverage by gamu-toys (click for event detail)

If you interested there are some SIC custom

S.I.C Garren King  By kenosyokutaku


S.I.C Garren King by killing monkey


S.I.C Garren King by Red banana studio


Hero Saga Special Edition : Clover (scan from http://www.toy-world.com.hk)

If you interested there are some SIC custom

S.I.C Leangle Jack By Killing monkey


S.I.C Leangle Jack by Red Banana Studio




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  1. NICE! curious tho… If I rmb correctly didn’t Leangle have the float card?

    • if you watch missing ace yes leangle use float card but it belongs to chalice (even the sub i watch give heart symbol on it).
      Leangle Cards :
      [Ace] Change spider
      [2] stab bee
      [3] Screw mole
      [4] rush rhinoceros
      [5] Bite cobra
      [6] Blizzard polar
      [7] Gel jellyfish
      [8] poison scorpion
      [9] Smog Squid
      [10] Remote Tapir
      [J] Fusion elephant
      [Q] Absorb Tiger
      [K] Evolution Tarantula

      • oh yeaa… kinda got it mixed up 😛

      • That’s what I like form Blade series, they can share their cards 😛

      • I saw once change a Jack card which blade sealed and gave to Hajime change and the symbol on the card change from something to heart XD,

  2. Whoa love the new header!!

    And man….I am feeling a bit of the SIC poison…..those figures just look awesome…..(why is my toy shield so weak recently..)

    • hahahha glad you like it 🙂
      Get one 😀 lol just kidding just buy what you like 😀

  3. The Garren King form looks dangerous! Huge BFG!

    • Wish he make appearance just once even in hyper battle video will do ToT.

  4. do you have the whole scanlation?

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