ROBOT魂 Zy-98 Shadow (Sniper Spec)

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Zy-98 Shadow, despite being rival of the M9 Gernsback this soviet production Shadow merchandise are lacking … Mainly because they rarely appear in the series and Amalgam, the series main antagonist group already manage to mass produce their lambda driver equipped Codarl…

Robot spirits line up have 2 shadow produced this sniper variant and the Zy-99 the export version that appear in the FMP Another a spin off series.

And about this sniper variant,it’s not yet adapted into anime but basically Kurz using this unit, Near end of the series in final battle the presumed death Kurz appear piloting this and save Mao

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EVA-FRAME 02 : EVA Unit 01 Night Color Ver.

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Updated July 2022 : added pictures with spear of Cassius

EVA -01 Night Color Ver.

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Threezero Robo Dou Eva-01

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Robo Dou Evangelion Unit 01

I want a larger Eva-01 figure, and consider this or the Dynaction which around 40cm, the size quite tempting and price not much different . but i heard this more sturdy with quite a lot metal parts also there are other eva unit available, if I want more of them

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Ultimate Action Evangelion DX – Eva-01 EX Color Ver.

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Ultimate Action Evangelion DX (Rebuild of Evangelion)

This a nostalgic figure for me because Back in early 2008, Evangelion 1.0 is still fresh and I craving for Eva toys, I went to a Hobby store during my visit to My Sister, with the initial intention of looking for Revoltech 32 and this was one of the stuff available, there were are also HCM pro Eva, revoltech 32,33 and it’s miniature ver. and also soul spec(which i can’t afford 😦 ). ultimately I purchase the Miniature Revoltech eva 01 and eva 00 and couple turns on capsule toys with all of my money.

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EVA-FRAME 01 : EVA Unit 02

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Still Not sure about this line up but I will give it a try 8D, since they also decide to continue with volume 02 and I think the line up quite appealing.

Apparantely most just want the unit 01, and many of eva unit 02 and unit 00 flooding the market at discounted price, while unit 01 sold at quite a higher price, so buying entire set is a better deal if you want unit 01.

I buying unit 02 because, I don’t have any unit 02 figure also this what, I don’t mind have extra if I ended purchasing entire set in the future since I can display the other one equipped with S-type equipment (the flight equipment thing) and as you can see from the box only one blade included while in the anime She wields two!

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Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime + Loose joints fix

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Hasbro version of MP 10 Convoy

As you can see this a used figure and the previous owner told me this got couple loose joints and some of the chrome paints no longer good (scratch and yellowing). which make me get this for let’s say half of the current market price. Seeing the packaging this most likely from the 2012 release.

is it still worth it ? we shall see

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