MMS Type Nine-Tails Renge

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MMS Type Nine Tails – RENGE

always interested with Busou shinki but this my first time buying them

Much parts than I expected, since this is light weapon Busou shinki, also got instruction manual and a “voucher” code for the game.

many don’t like Konami’s MMS figures because of this holes and screw but for me these are Sexy 😀

Very unique Joints, always nice see different action figures with unique joints.

make it possible do this kind of sitting pose.

parts attachments.

my only complain is a bit hard to attach the white helmet 😦 I need make the hole bigger.

Display Stand,that looks lame and some extra parts maybe so you can combine this with others busou shinki armors.

Nine Tails “revolver” 😯

very Big Tails hahahaha

Open Up


Size comparison, Thanks for the Kos-Mos David John 😉

She might  skinny but one of the best action figures I ever have!

oh yeah I still trying the game ^^ hope can get used with it hahaha still confused with how to play properly >_<;


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  1. Cool~! A new type of figure for you, and that’s a first anyone had shown the joint for the thigh to the pelvis. O_O

    But still, its amazing that she can stand with that large tail.

    • The only cons from that Joint is she can’t spread her leg wide enough, so no pervert action

  2. that’s one unique nine tails

    • annoying tails, I display without that..

  3. Certainly wouldn’t be out of place in Infinite Stratos.

  4. Its been a very long time since I saw a Konami figure XD.

    But lol the big tail,with the helmet look a bit like a raccoon,no offence.

    • So you have Konami figures ? =) hmm raccoon maybe you are right about that hahaha

      • Nope but happen to saw before …. on the internet lol and that time I was really surprise that Konami made figures.

        • hahaha Konami more famous with their games right 😉

  5. I hate the screw on the figurine which making it looks sucks

    • I can deal with that 😀 old figures also have those holes so it just normal for me,I still appreciate any kind of action figures.

  6. thats a very handy tail (pun unintended) and has a very unique design (knives and all)

    • True, still figuring out another way to use that tail weapon, maybe should do “Butt” attack ^^

  7. very unique! and I really love her weapon 😀 The holes on her back is rarely seen if you display it facing forward right 😀

    • yup I really like the “claw mode” and I don’t really mind with holes but yeah it rarely seen if you display facing forward.

  8. wow, I forgot you are more into figures aya..

    • Feeling for gunpla slowly fade away 😦 ,thanks.

  9. woah, nice grab man! Somehow I think the screws might be necessary to make the joints stronger to hold up all those armored parts!

    But i really love the sitting pose! Not many figures can do that!

    • Hold the limb’s Joint for this 😀 yeah that sitting pose just cute ^^

  10. I want to buy this Busou Shinki as well… this year I plan to have 1 or 2 of them, so far these 2 are my target;

    1) Konami Busou Shinki MMS Type Samurai Benio Girl Warrior
    2) Konami Busou Shinki MMS Type Knight Xiphos Girl Warrior

    Still considering, get 1 or get both of them…. sigh….

    Their style of “extra armor attachement” remind me of the old Katoki GFF series from Bandai and thus I love it….

    • Looking forward for them DJ 😀

  11. Great shots hope you’re still enjoying her ^^ Do you still play the game? I’m pretty active in there yet but my play times are all over the place. I don’t use my the stands for most of the girls, unless they’re loaded up with tons of gear and require it. Glad to see another person getting a Shinki 😀 (I know I’m way late getting to this post, sorry) Have you downloaded the outdated translated manual? Also if you don’t mind using google translate there’s the Japanese wiki (which is becoming outdated slowly) I’d drop the link but fear going to the spam folder. Hit me up on myfigurecollection if you need anything ^^

    • Sure still enjoying her :D, Still don’t understand the control T_T will give another try this weekend, sure I will hit you there =)

  12. cool weap combos with the nine tails, nice get! i like these figures too but i only have the Yoko MMS. i agree the holes are sexy 😛 they dont bother me at all.

    and i have to thank you! i had no idea the hip joints could do that weird function this whole time XD i had fun making different poses with Yoko after reading this post lol

    • Glad this post help 😀

  13. Now I see where she comes from 🙂 That is definitely one BIG tail 🙂

    • wish she also have normal tails included 😦

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