Candy Toy Genesis Driver Kit

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Candy Toy/Shokugan Genesis Driver, and I believe they called this narikiri(role play toy?)

a Souvenir from a friend during his Japan trip last December :D,Thank you. He know I always want this and obviously with the small size, I want them on my Dollfies XD



so yeah a candy that will melt inside your mouth and the plastic models of the genesis driver


the box pictures contain the line up and the gimmick .

I always looking for this and the Sengoku driver but even in japan my friend can’t find any of the Sengoku driver.. , he said found this from lawson XD

well considering the show already ended still lucky to get this.


Like usual candy toy the instruction is printed on the inside of the box


the mechanism, it do spin when you push it and give a little bit “juicer” perrformance lol.


the belt and the melon energy Lock seed, unfortunately no close/open gimmick on the lock seed.


slip this on your pants 😛


the only thing I hate from this are the shinny foil stickers for detail ….


melon energy~




I would say still a little big to big for 1/3 doll, but it do looks fine for me


comparison with the Gashapon ver of W driver.

I think the gashapon is smaller and fit better.


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  1. Hachiko seems very happy about playing with this item. though she looks sad when Saber uses it XD
    I would love to see a dollfie size superhero outfit, bodysuit with stylish armor parts.

    • ahahaha ^^ don’t worry I already bought hachi, a set of new Role play Toys 😀 .
      I seen many customized outfit for doll but yeah, seems haven’t see one as superhero except the pullip one 😀

  2. Hmm I have always wanted to try one of the sweet, since they look so nice. Because for some reason I had the feeling that when some of those Candy toy comes to Singapore the candy is removed due to expiration date ??

    But normally when a show end, there would be clearance sales to move on to the next rider, but in this case it’s Genesis Driver which to be honest who don’t like this the Genesis Driver.

    I would agree that the sticker may seem a bit off as compared to the show, but it is a candy toy and it don’t look all that bad and it gives more colour to the belt.

    I may not know much about doll, but it look kinda of nice on Twin Ponytail gurl except like you say a bit on the bigger side, but I can imagine Zangetsu De-henshin and a hot babe appear 😀 and yea the Gachapon look more suitable.

    • well in most store I visit the candy are already removed, maybe like you said they afraid of the expiration date(they selling toys not food after all).but some personal seller/store(not big retail) mostly still have the candy. well that’s always happen especially the DX role play one 😀 ahaha they often go on sale, thought after years some of them might turn into rare items.

      LOL ahahah bought them for fun ^^ I might looks stupid if playing the DX one since sounds will come out and I doubt will do henshin pose using it ;), so yeah I rather posing my doll with it’s miniature version 😀

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