So-Do Kamen Rider Build 01&02

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Kamen Rider Build Is here 😀

So here RabbitTank,GorillaMond and Night Rogue

Full Line up  of volume 1 and Build 2

創動 仮面ライダービルド BUILD1

創動 仮面ライダービルド BUILD2

I hope can get Kamen Rider Cross-Z and Blood Stalk next

Rabbit tank

so while Ex-aid one gave you body or armor from each box, Build gave you half body from each box

but for Rabbit and Tank you also got sort off dummy body, which will be replaced by display stand or weapon in other box of the body

Combine them and You got perfect Rabbit Tank Form

The dummy also not bad, the detail molded nicely if you willing to paint it

Best Match are you Ready!!

Size Comparison with So-Do Genm, SAGA Ex-Aid, and LVUR Genm

Next is Gorilla + Diamond

No dummy Body but you finally got weapon from the Diamond and display stand from the gorilla

Drill Crusher in Drill Mode (Gun mode available in Soujiki )

The gimmick of the So-Do Build is making Trial form like this GorillaTank for example

but of course why bother probably all we care is the Best match form XD

GorillaMond form

Game Over

last is Night Rogue, The villain of the Kamen Rider Build

and somehow, I feel scammed buying Build considering he just need one box and already complete ……

But as we already know from set of 12 only one night rogue, so he is the rarest variant….


The only weapon included is the Transteam gun which also his transformation Device

Bat~ Mistmatch Bat … Ba…bat Fire~

From Rocket you will get steam blade

The Steam blade,  can’t be combined with the gun unfortunately …

the combined ver. is molded in one piece and will be available in volume 3

All 3

Vortex Finish~








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  1. So in each box one leg and arm are always missing?
    I like the design of Rocket the most ^^

    • yeah you got half the “body” XD to be combine with other half

  2. So this is the new Kamen Rider? I don’t like the way the looks – almost look like Decade but not really. On the other hand, you always lucky to be able to grabbed all this mini figures gashapon.

    • Reminds me with W or OOO actually
      and For your record This a candy toy 😀

      • Oh yeah, I was wrong, what I mean is they almost look like W not Decade…

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