Yu-Gi Oh! Starter Deck : Codebreaker

August 4, 2018 at 7:28 am | Posted in Trading Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 3 Comments
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The annual Starter Deck and for 2018 we have Codebreaker…

The foil cards

The ace monster Transcode Talker not bad since any eff monster can be used to summon him

all 5 Link Monsters and of course best card in this entire set LINKURIBOH

cool common version of link spider and Decode Talker

The Cyberse monsters mostly just reprints

The rest of the monsters…

wait all these monsters appear in last year starter deck …

Spells, many good staple reprints


too basic yes.. but for LINKURIBOH all is great XD




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  1. Somehow I felt that 2018 starter powercreep 2017 since it has link spider & decode, but it been 1 year since vrain started XD

    Being in the day and age where kuribo arc type is the main chase card, kinda feels weirdly good in a way with all the different version of kuribo from lvl 9 to God priest Kuribo. Or even finals of worlds where the decks are played by 2 female anime character.

    At least this starter deck, kept true to it’s name for keeping staple that are used in casual deck and competitive(Cyber Dra at finals:D). But damn does Marshmallon bring me memories of pulling it from a premium pack 😀

    • Happen in most starter deck at least not as bad as 2014 one…
      Now with so many variation kuriboh can have their own deck entirely with kuriboh
      ahaha lullaby, Cyber Dragon and mind control 😛 , back in the days when special summon not as easy as these days, marshmallon is awesome for buying time

      • Yea I remember people trying out Chaos Kuriboh a few years back for fun.

        Mind control seem like a good fit ever since synchro started, but I guess it slightly slow for most meta.

        I didn’t use lullaby before but when Cyber Dra was release and a free 2100 attacker was so strong.

        Yea marshmallon and spirit reaper, but the funny thing is marshmallon counter card was printed in the same pack in the form of Shield Crush and it was very obvious it’s marshmallon during the time I play because the foiling on ocg marshmallon was about 4~6 card thickest even with double sleeve……

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