EVA FRAME 03 : EVA Mark 6

August 6, 2022 at 7:18 am | Posted in Candy Toy/Shokugan, Evangelion | 6 Comments
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Evangelion Mark 6


No more printed instruction on the inside of the box, Bandai decide to post the instruction online as a pdf files

Click to access 4549660700692000.pdf

body slightly taller and new upper arms compared to previous ones

With Eva 01, slightly taller

Spear of cassius

I also updated My Eva 01 Night color with pictures, it posing with this spear


Also compatible with any other Eva frame accessories

Sentai gangs XD

later this year Eva 03 also will be released alongside variants of eva 01 and 08


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  1. No printed instructions period? That is not going to go well….

    • Hey but they add QR code o the box for quick access XD ahaha

      • Something tells me that having to constantly refer back to the phone while putting together a shokugan is not a kid’s idea of a good time. Of course, whether the intended market for these are kids or not to begin with is a whole handbasket in itself but still…

        • Maybe just a trial .. Most shokugan still have instruction printed inside, worth a mention SH figuarts also start removing instruction sheet but the instruction still printed on the box, since mostly it’s simply just hand change guide.

  2. woah, love how your EVA Frame army been growing Aya!!! but yeee, very bad moves from Bandai for eliminating the inside the box instruction… that what makes a candy toy… a candy toy… I meant, it’s a classic feature!!!

    • Yeah weird move maybe worth in saving cost ? every penny count XD

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