Mobile Suit Ensemble #23 : Gundam Aerial

December 10, 2022 at 8:04 am | Posted in Gashapon/Trading/Kuji, Gundam Series | 13 Comments
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MSE Aerial and it’s Bit Stave/Gun Bits equipment

Parts, lets start with Aerial main Body

Aerial rifle and usual stand.

the clear black piece on forehead fell off easily so I glue it.


Now lets start assembling the Gun Bit stave or maybe let’s called it Drones

Aerial augmented with Gun bit drones, it will improve its mobility with the bits propulsion and also charging their batteries I believe, like in every other Gundam series with these kind of weaponry

back looks

The rifle augmented with the bit

The bits combines into large shield

With MSE Barbatos from the same wave, maybe i will review it later


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  1. Cute!

    • Aqua shooter suletta will also be released

      • Oooh, Aqua Shooter series…I get the feeling that series is drifting away from it’s namesake. 💀 That said, the Suletta is cute as well. 😍

        • The usual aqua shooter line up still up there every couple months, but they did couple of premium releases which usually are crossover with another franchise, we seen idolmaster before and pretty sure sulleta and mio, will be the 4th one from a Gundam series.

  2. woah, the hyped Gundam!!! lol!!! crazy how the HG got scalped…

    • Pretty sure Bandai underprinted the Kit LOL

      • now that’s 2023’s marketing strategy, lmao

        • I still can clearly remember early 2021 drama of model kit shortage in japan(and in return overseas as well), even as far as factory, sending messages to their retailers suggesting not to export their stocks(not sure it’s real or not but yes there are such fuss about those lol),in the end of the day crude oil needed to create plastic lol so yeah maybe factory can blame the war.

          as for scalpers drama .. seen some fuss on japanese tweets with photos of Chinese “tourist” scalpers line up at gundam base or the sort, I think the are about the Rx-93FF exclusive stuff, I don’t exactly pay attention much about the entire twitter thread.

          • OOOOH, yeah, I heard that as well, just a year after the global pandemic, and peoples spent most of their times home, then again we dont have kits to accompany those lonely days, lmao… especially the MGs were rare back then right?

            • yes in general any “Hobby” become booming during pandemic model kits,trading cards,etc and also many kind of financial investments even scam ones but i won’t talk about those XD

              • yet scary how the recent new normal takes away all of those hobby boom, like what happened to Funko Pop recently… really scary news…

                • Yeah seems everything crashed…
                  You mean the news about millions dollars of funko pop going to landfill ?

                • yupe, was referring to that issue as well… not a good news at all.. over production… bruh!!!

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