LPC Blue Label : Moisturized Hot spring Set

February 11, 2023 at 8:16 am | Posted in Doll Clothes and Accessories | 9 Comments
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Or let’s call it Onsen Yukata

how to tie this obi lol, watch some tutorial of real one they seems to be different

I think this looks better ?

What this for ? i think this called waist cord but I have no idea how exactly

Not bad

Removing the Haori Jacket

On different doll

They have couple different versions of this clothes, so if you want one pay attention to your doll size before get one

Never good posing doll but yeah this clothes should be perfect for ero pose lol, considering how Japanese fiction put onsen scene as fan service



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  1. Takane as milf, seems like the dress boosts the dolls breast size a little XD Hilda looks more young and innocent in this same outfit. Generally speaking it’s an unique outfit, I like the mature pattern and the funny towel with the steam enblem stitched on.
    Is this misterious piece for the head maybe ?

    • if Only Milf spend time at onsen you read too much hentai manga or watch too many JAVs 😛 yeah it’s unique that’s why drawn to buy one 8D
      Volks webstore list that part as waist cord so not exactly mystery .. the mystery is how to actually use it LOL

  2. they look stunning!!! but why they called it as ” Moisturized” Hot spring Set???? ^^’

    • As I know There are 4 variants of this “hot spring set”(maybe more) each designated for different doll body size while they give marking on the packaging about the type of doll bodies that will fit respective variant no way they named it that way right :
      1.refreshed hot spring set (fit even larger doll seems mainly for male BJD)
      2.moisturized hot spring set (this one)
      3.relaxed hot spring set (for slightly smaller doll)
      I forgot the name for the 4th one but it’s for mini doll, basically “child size” yukata LOL,(could be wrong but i think it’s called “relaxed mini” hot spring set)

      • welp… that size different makes sense actually… yet just the “moisturized” part that still make me confused, lmao ^^’

        • I sometimes confused with Japanese naming logic when they translate it, since you can read one “しっとり♪癒しの温泉セッ” this the original Japanese text do this text actually have correct translation ?

          • oh dayuuuum, it was actually しっとり??? that actually meaning more like that fresh and warmth feeling you have right after any type of bath, maybe more like damp and fresh… but yeee, kinda hard to translate really ^^’

            • let’s say bad machine translation then ahahaha

              • hahahahahahaw, most likely!!!

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